About STI Fitness

STI Fitness (Powercycling.co.za) is a world class Virtual Power Cycling Studio. At STI fitness the focus is on making our clients fitter, leaner, faster and stronger cyclists and individuals. Our small group training environment ensures that all of our clients will receive personalised attention. Once you sign up with STI Fitness we do a full bike Set-Up on the Cycleops Phantom 5 as well as an FTP (Fitness Power Threshold) Test. This FTP value will be the unit we use to ensure that you get the best workout possible relative to your own fitness level, No More-No Less.

We offer various types of training:

Sufferfest Classes: Workouts designed by world class coaches supplemented by Sufferfest Cycling Training videos. All of these workouts will make use of the Cycleops Phantom 5’s automatic resistance adjustment (Automatic micro adjustments to your cycling intensity based on the prescribed workout intensity and tailored to your FTP value).

Virtual Rides & Races: Through the Cycleops Virtual Training platform our clients can ride or race anywhere in the world with Real Life Video. What makes this virtual platform unique is the fact that the Cycleops Phantom 5 (The Bike) will automatically adjust for changes in gradient. You will also be able to change gears as you would on your Road or Mountain Bike, you can even set up your bike on your profile to run the same gearing as your actual bike.

Injury Rehabilitation: When you suffer an injury the muscles, tendons and ligaments become weak and your joints gets unstable. Rehabilitative exercises strengthen the muscles and joint structures, this improves stability and increases flexibility and range of motion, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.

Personalised Programs: Any personalised programs will be done by Paul Cordes, multiple category ABSA CAPE EPIC Winner.Open Sessions: Open sessions can be used if our clients would like to ride long virtual rides, follow their own programs or just to do ‘Free Rides’. All of the above Training is done on a booking basis through the booking section on this site.

The Facility:

We are based in The Ryneveld Lifestyle Centre In Pierre Van Ryneveld (Between Cornwall Hill, Waterkloof, Irene and Moreletta Park). Our facility offers Big Screen TV’s, a Coffee Bar, Change rooms, Shower and Toilet Facility.