Just A Quick FYI


Before we get lost in the wealth of information regarding The Cycleops Phantom 5, Cycleops Virtual Training software, Sufferfest And the Powertap we would like to take a minute to explain how they all work together…


When the above mentioned systems and hardware are paired the result is the ultimate, most realistic and highly effective indoor cycling experience. Whether you are riding a virtual ride, a cycleops workout or a sufferfest workout the bike will AUTOMTICALLY adjust to the specified power output. This means no manual adjustment whatsoever, as well as the most accurate, scientific workout possible.


Am I ‘Powerful’ or Fit Enough?


Yes you are. All workouts are based on you own FTP(Functional Thershold Power). Once we do an FTP test we will know exactly how Powerful/Fit you are, you will train with your own FTP value. This means that any level of rider can do a workout relative to his/her Fitness/Power level.


With the above systems you wont find yourself  ‘Spinning’ pointlessly. All rides are scientifically designed by the worlds top coaches to make you Fitter, Stronger, Faster.


Cycleops Phantom 5


The CycleOps Phantom 5 Indoor Cycle is the tippy-top of the indoor training hierarchy. This is because its seamless integration with CycleOps' revolutionary VirtualTraining program allows you to recreate the effect of an outdoor ride with the control that researchers enjoy in their laboratories. Become your own test subject by tailoring the conditions of a virtual outside world indors.


Having the breadth of data tracking, virtual terrain options, and training plans comprised by CycleOps' VirtualTraining program is amazing.


 The range of data collection means that, though, we've mostly focused on its winter applications as a foul-weather friend, the Phantom's precise metric gathering (an industry-leading +/- 1. 5%) makes it an ideal platform for a regimen that lets you manage all of the external variables for training or testing your form, regardless of the conditions outside.


Stocked with four points of micro-adjustments, a controlled resistance unit and a frame suited for Tour de France stage-ending sprints, the Phantom 5 is built for top professional athletes — yet easily adaptable for any level of rider. Plus, the onboard PowerTap power meter lets you know exactly how hard you're working.


Cycleops Virtual Training


VirtualTraining is complete software solution for indoor and outdoor training. Track and analyze your performance with PowerTap Mobile or use VirtualTraining to train indoors. You can control your training on CycleOps trainers, Wahoo trainers, power meters or with any ANT+ or BlueTooth speed sensor. Modern and attractive training methods allow you to train with interval profiles and on virtual routes with synchronized video! Both indoor and outdoor training data are synchronized with the VirtualTraining portal.


Bring the outdoors inside!


Now you can train with  many different  trainers ! Use the VirtualTraining desktop or tablet application, connect your trainer, and  virtually ride anywhere in the world.  You can also try effective interval training. Visit the compatibility list to check which trainers are supported.


Track & Analyze


Use the PowerTap App to track your training. Your training data is   automatically stored and uploaded into the VirtualTraining portal.  Access complex training data, ride analysis and more… You can upload workouts into cloud within minutes.


All data at a glance


The VirtualTraining portal is  an easy way to share your training experiences. Track and analyze training data, browse and download virtual routes for  indoor training, compete with others or just be social.




Efficient & modern! Create workouts based on power, % FTP, W/Kg… and train really effective. Do you need motivation?! Use synchronized SufferFest, Real-Rides training videos and train even more! Workouts are ready for your indoor cycling, rowing or running training…


About PowerTap



Before any PowerTap product reaches your bike, you can bet countless prototypes have been rigorously lab-, road- and trail-tested and perfected. This attention to detail in everything we design and engineer is how we consistently bring you industry-leading accuracy and reliability—complete with the third-party validations that prove this to be fact time and again.




From world-class to grassroots athletes, cyclists trust PowerTap to deliver the information they need to get ahead. That’s because we set the standard for accuracy and durability in cycling power meters years ago and have upheld that attention to quality longer than anyone else. What’s more, we only bring to market products that meet or beat those same high marks.




You can’t improve what you can’t measure. That’s the crux of why we’ve developed the industry’s most complete system, from power meter to cycling computer to software. And exactly why we’re willing to stand behind every piece, every mile, with impeccable customer service—no holds barred.